Who we are

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Herman en Lida. Both born and raised in Haarlem, the Netherlands but since a number of years living in Hoofddorp.
Lida stays at home during the day to take care of the dogs and Herman works as a technical designer with an international engineering company.
Like so many before us, we also got infected by the Border Collie virus and fell in love with this special dog breed.
We love spending our spare time with our dogs.
Hiking, playing and sheep training are among the things we do with them.
We, of course, also take care that our dogs remain healthy.

The name of our kennel reflects our interest in nature and refers back to the rough territory between northern England and Scotland.
The area were the Border Collie originates from and which also has a fantastic colour scene during the summer.
Its our intention to stay a small kennel, trying to further develope the Border Collie breed.
We will focus on the so-called “working lines”, since we consider dogs of these lines with their natural intelligence and movement, the closest to the original function of the Border Collie.
We want to achieve this by breeding in a responsible way, according the FCI and Dutch Border Collie Club (BCCN) rules and regulations, and by allowing our Cuillin to mate only with pre-selected ladies.
Furthermore we will try, by making use of various tests, to breed healthy Border Collies.

We hope you will enjoy reading our site!