May 201
Definitive plans for a litter!
Late January 2014 we plan for a litter of our Cody.
The father will be Denwyn Lad, a dog from outside our kennel
For more details or when you are interested in a pup of this litter,click here.
You can also call us (0031 648780431 / 0031235356268) or e-mail (

April 2013

New plans for a litter.
End 2013, beginning 2014 we plan to have a litter of our Cody.
The father will be from outside our kennel and details will follow later.
Might you be interested in a pup of this litter, don’t hesitate to call us (0031 648780431) or e-mail (

January 2013

New on the link page are links to websites, who maintain lists of dogs with epilepsy.

September/Oktober 2012

We’ve been very busy lately and had no time to work on the site, while there is enough to let you know.
– End September we had our first kennelday.
It was a dry day with a strong winf but almost all Purple Mountains pups were present.
For an impression of the day clic the link

– Purple Mountains Birthe, callname “Sati”, received the result “normal/free” for her DNA-CEA test.
Also her first eyetest had as result “free”.

– New photo’s on the puppy page

August 2012

Follow Cuillin during his tracking training.
Go to his Cuillin page for the links.

July 2012

On the puppy page new photo’s of the pups of Cuillin x Cody

June 2012

The pups of Duke x Cody are on the latest day of June
already 2 years of age.
Congratulations to them all!

All pups of Cuillin x Cody have left for their new owner.
See the puppy page for the latest photo’s.

May 2012

23 May, new video on YouTube.

20 May, new photo’s on the Cody Puppies Page and on “mijn album”

09 02 May, new photo’s on the Cody Puppies Page

April 2012

Regular new online photo’s on “mijn album”,
and for video’s on YouTube.

27 April, new portrait photo’s on the Cody Puppies Page

23 April, new video of the pups on YouTube.

22 April, new video of the pups on YouTube.

“Puppies born!”
On april 5, Cody has given birth to 5 pups.
(3 bitches and 2 dogs)


(Click to enlarge)

Monday april 2, Cody has started with her last days before the delivery.
She has a nice round belley, which gets in the way when she’s sleeping

March 2012

Sunday March 18; Cody is now in her seventh week and starts to get a round belly.

We had an ultrasound made of Cody and did see the hearts of the pups pounding!

Two new shoots on You Tube

Spring at Purple Mountains

Skye with a shovel

Februari 2012

Cody has mated with Cuillin.
The pups are expected around April 6.

Januari 2012

Our first lamb is born.


December 2011

Skye succesfull completed her young dog training.
In April she will start with her next obedience training.

November 2011

Cuillin has started his advanced course Tracking”.

Friday 25 November the pups of Cuillin and Queen are one year old.
The same day our Cody became 4 years old.

September 2011

On the first day of fall, Lida has together with Cuillin as a team,
received the certificate “Basic Practice Tracking”.
This tracking follows the methode developed
by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountain Police).

Cuillin has been to the eye specialist for his yearly check and like all previous years everything was found in order.

Juli 2011

The childern of Cody and Duke are 1 year old.
Check for new photo’s of Cody’s pups the page Purple Mountains Puppy page.

June 2011

Two video’s of Cuillin during his search course.

Video 1

Video 2

Both video’s show that despite rain and heavy wind he follows the trail
and also how much pleasure he has in doing this.

May 2011

Cody has done her yearly eyetest and everything was OK.

Two childern of Cody, Beppie (Eithne) and Bono (Padraig),
have been with the sheep for the first time.
Both displayed much interest in the sheep.

New photos of the Cuillin and Queen litter.

Since end April Cuillin participates in a training for searching,
according a methode developed by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountain Police)

Februari 2011

Skye has been for the final check at the animal specialist and
the x-ray’s taken showed a perfectly healed (ex-broken)leg.
Her external fixation was removed and she’s now allowed to do everything again.
Something she’s doing with full dedication.

Januari 2011

Our Skye has broken het leg during one of her playing actions with her sister Djill.
She was put in plaster the same night by our vet, but he had his doubt on a full recovery and therefore we decided to bring her in for surgery.

January 5 she was operated by animal specialist Edgar Scheepens .
She now has a steel pin in her leg together with an external fixation.
The operation went well, on the X-ray the bone was again in its correct position.
She now has a steel pin in her leg together with an external fixation.

Skye will remain in our kennel.
We hope she will recover fully and be able to walk with the sheep in the future.
First of all its now the time to keep her quiet, which will not be an easy task since she has the spirit of a real working dog.

December 2010

At the end of the year, new photo’s and also a new video of the pups.

November 2010

25 November
Queen has given birth to 2 bitches.

October 2010

Our Queen has mated with our Cuillin.
On 29 october we’ve had an ultrasound made and this confirmed the pregnancy of Queen.

Also from our Queen her DNA profile is registered.
Of all our dogs, which we use for breeding, the DNA profile is now registered .

September 2010

Our own sheep have arrived and they got much interest from our dogs.

August 2010

End august all pups of Cody went to their new owners.

July 2010

New photo’s of the pups, now four and a half weeks old on “Mijn Album”.

June 2010
June 30, our Cody became mother of 6 pups

May 2010
Thursday May 27, we’ve been to the vet for a echo scan of Cody.
The result is that she’s indeed with pups!

April 2010
Our Cody has mated on Queensday April 30, 2010.!

February 2010

The first Trial run made with Queen. On the Sunday a good result was achieved, especial since it was the first time as a combination on a trial.
The DNA test results for Queen are in, they all show “Normal”. Excellent!

January 2010

A photo of our Border Collies is included in an emotional Border Collie poem by Rod Walford.

December 2009

With much pleasure we’ve added a bitch to our kennel.
Lowland’s Blacksmith Queenie is now with us.

September 2009

Cody has attended the functional exterior examination and the herdingtest of the Dutch Border Collie Club (BCCN).
The examination went prosperous and also the herding went according the for her, so characteristic way. It is now allowed to use her for breeding, according the rules of the BCCN.

August 2009

Finally we received the result of Cody’s last DNA test,
TNS= Normal
A new page “Child and Dog” has been added.
The result of another DNA test of Cody is received,
Now we are only waiting for the result of the TNS test,
than the results of all DNA tests are known.

July 2009
Cody’s first test result is in MDR-1 = Normal!

We continued with the DNA tests of Cody (TNS, MDR-1, CL).

June 2009

More photo’s in the slide shows of our Border Collies

Movie – Border Collies having water fun

April 2009

Now that Cody has such good hiptest result,
we continue with her tests this month.
The first on the list is the DNA-CEA test,
for which a bloodsample will be taken end of the month.

March 2009
The result of Cody’s hiptest is received,
HD A, Norbergvalue 38.
Also her DNA is now registered, the same as Cuillin’s DNA.

January 2009
Result of Cuillin’s latest test received,
“TNS = No carrier”.
New “winter”photo’s on the photoalbum.

27 December 2008
First results of Cuillin’s new tests are received.
MDR-1 = No carrier; CL = Normal; TNS result will follow soon.

9 November 2008
Inserted new page “Our plans”.

29 October 2008
Today the official name registration of our kennel is received

29 September 2008
Official launch of our website.

Cuillin is tested by the Optigen lab and is found DNA-CEA normal.
His parents, as well as himself, are all DNA-CEA normal.
Cuillin has fullfilled all requirements of the BCCN to act as a stud.

27 September 2008
Cuillin has done the functional body shape test according the latest (2008) requirements of the BCCN (Border Collie Club Nederland).

The result was a very nice “voldoende” (sufficient, previous “good”) In addition he attended the test for herding behaviour, which resulted in “goed” (good)